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Occupancy’s Silent Symphony: Internal Agents

Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around as I unveil a tale of transformation in the realm of hospitality, where the once cumbersome task of managing bookings has been revolutionized by the power of cloud technology. In the grand tapestry of hotel management, a new character has emerged, one that is both . . . Read more

How to connect channel manager to your hotel

In this article, you will find simplified step-by-step tutorial, how to connect channel manage to your hotel with minimum downtime without stress and hassle I. Initial Setup 1. Register your account here. If you are not experienced user, then watch a screen cast how to do it. 2. Configure your . . . Read more

Managing manual payments for the bookings

Effective Tours works perfectly with integrated payment gateway but not all our clients use it. Even if you are using our gateway there is situations when then guests want to buy an upgrade for the room or he settle the rest of the bill after arrival. Another case if you . . . Read more

Internal Agents

According to your requests, we release a new feature called Internal Agents – you can use them as a source for the reservation. You can assign an agent to any non-channel reservation at the bottom of the reservation card. Standart account allows you to add up to 250 agents. To . . . Read more

Extended iCal (ics) with full details

iCal is a very popular format within many OTA to sync reservation information with others. Airbnb. Booking, Tripadvisor and many others are using it. One of the main disadvantage of ical is lack of information about the reservation and the guests. We decide to change it and happy to announce . . . Read more

Rate & Inventory Preview

     We are happy to announce a new powerful feature – Rate & Inventory  Preview. Multiple rates, various MIN and MAX Length of stay, reservations, discounts, markups – all of this features are very important to  market your property well. We are humans and the more features we use, . . . Read more

Rates manager update.

We are happy to announce long awaited rates manager update. . This update brings new flexibility in rates manipulation. You can update the rates by day, or use Batch set prices to update a period.