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Extended iCal (ics) with full details

iCal is a very popular format within many OTA to sync reservation information with others. Airbnb. Booking, Tripadvisor and many others are using it. One of the main disadvantage of ical is lack of information about the reservation and the guests. We decide to change it and happy to announce . . . Read more

Rates manager update.

We are happy to announce long awaited rates manager update. . This update brings new flexibility in rates manipulation. You can update the rates by day, or use Batch set prices to update a period.

Triggers and Web-hooks

We are happy to introduce the new Web-hook functionality in the Triggers & Actions. Depending of web-hook setup, Effective Tours will send a JSON payload to the url provided. You can fire up the web-hook for new reservations and cancellations, before and after the check-ins and check-outs. Since now you . . . Read more

Step-by-Step setup. Video tutorial

Setting up a new service is always hard, that’s why our CEO, Alex Novikovs decide to record a learning videos by himself, how to set up the Effective Tours from scratch, step by step. Tutorial #1 – Register and Initial Set-Up Tutorial #2 –  Setting Up rates & Discounts Tutorial . . . Read more

Guests Resrvation Card is simple !

Are you tired to fill in Guests Reservation cards ? Then we have a good news for you, starting from today, we will start geretaing for you Guests Resrvation Cards. The card automatically creadted on each new booking. In case of any amendments, it will be updated within few minutes. . . . Read more

Access rights for the agents

Effective Tour has a powerful feature of working with offline travel agents, in a way very similar to an OTA.  As you might know, you can connect any agent and provide them separate rates and gives full access to your rates and inventory. To make this cooperation more similar to . . . Read more

Automated email for better communication

We just released a new plug-in for the ET, which you can request from us to activate, it’s called Auto Email/Triggers .   It allows you to send automated email to the guests depending on the events like new Booking, Cancellations, Amendments, Check-in and Check-out. This feature is a real must-have . . . Read more