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Relocating the bookings from the OTA

Not quite often, but sometimes you need to amend the existing booking from the OTA without notifying the guests. So let’s say you need to close the room for the urgent repairing and the guest arrives in few days and there is no more rooms available in this category. In this case you just need to relocate the guests to another room, in most cases higher level. They way of official amendments for the bookings from OTA is a big headache. So with Effective Tours it’s very easy. Simply click on the existing reservation in your agenda, and change the type of room. As a result, the original room became available and you can close it for the bookings. And the new room type became busy and the amount of rooms available for the OTA and agencies will decrease.

It’s very important to understand, that this amendments will be valid until any updates for this particular booking will come from the OTA. In case of any amendments from the OTA, the booking will get back to the original position. You will be notified and can relocate it again if needed.

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