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Reservations Swapping

All hoteliers are dreaming about the 100% occupancy. And we definitely wishing you that. But managing the rooms allocation in this cases became quite complicated. Each new booking, increase the chance of creating a new gaps between the previous and the new booking. As a result, when you are nearly 80% full, your agenda looks like this:


The longer the next booking, the more chances that it will be split between several rooms. 2 days in one room, 1 day in another one, then again back to the first room and then at the for 3 nights for another one. It’s a headache for a hotel, but much worse, that it’s very bad for a guests.

To avoid that, it’s always a good idea to reallocate existing bookings, so they will go one by one, without any gaps between them. When you have free rooms, then it’s not a problem, but when you are full like on the screenshot above, our new feature of Reservations Swap will help you a lot. With a few clicks, you can swap any booking with any other(s). Remove the gaps, and settle the problems.

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  1. Hi Alex
    Thank you for the new feature of swap. I have just tested it and it is great, exactly what I was looking for! My question now is, does it also work when the existing bookings that have to be swapped are overlapping?
    Thank you and look forward to hear from you again

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