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Triggers and Web-hooks

We are happy to introduce the new Web-hook functionality in the Triggers & Actions. Depending of web-hook setup, Effective Tours will send a JSON payload to the url provided. You can fire up the web-hook for new reservations and cancellations, before and after the check-ins and check-outs. Since now you can integrate Effective Tours with third party software according to your needs.

Let me give you just few ideas how you can use the web-hooks:

  • Receive notifications to your favorite messengers
  • Update your accounting software with booking details
  • Generate check-in forms
  • Remind hotel staff about the tasks before the check in
  • Remind cleaning team to work our the room after the check out.

You can usee Huginn as a free and opensource solutions to write your agents. It can be started on a free Heroku account within 5 minutes and after it you can create any integrations you want.

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