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Discounts & promotions management

Effective Tours has a powerful automated discounts feature which allows you fill in the gaps between reservation, automatically recalculate the rates based in various criteria There is two types of discounts available, by the arrival date and by the availability. ET applies discounts one by one and to avoid really low rates in case of misconfiguration provides MIN rate protection threshold

Fixed Discounts

Discount is valid for the booking period from Starting at to Finished at for the selected Room type or all of the rooms in the property. We also calls them Reservation date based discounts.

Is Active: Discount can be deactivated for future and activated back.
Fixed discount allows you to provide the fixed discount values in percent, depending of the arrival period. This discount will be visible to your agents, and will automatically reduce the rates for online channels as well.
Minimal period, days – will work only for the agents and direct bookings. We will add support for other OTA in the future.
Room Only – If you check it, then the discount will be applied only for the RO plans. Discount will automatically applied to OTA, while sending the RO rates.
Bed & Breakfast – discount for Bed & Breakfast plans only
Half Board – discount for Half Board plans only
Full Board – discount for Full Board plans only

Apply discount for the Room Rate only – It’s a bit complicated but very useful feature. ET will automatically calculate the difference between RO Rate and other rates like BB, HB, FB, AI. Then apply the discount only for the base RO rate, and add the meals difference on top, with the relevant Mar kUp. As a result, you will not provide the discount for the food, but the room rate itself will be discounted.

You can create as many discounts as you want with different criteria. Same way, you can give a discounts even 4 days prior to arrival. By using this feature you can easily sell your available rooms even for a half price or more. Any room is a perishable resource so it’s better to have some clients, than have none. Same way, you can add a discount for gaps in your booking agenda.

Let’s say you are fully booked, but there is 5 days gap when you have no guests. Then create a discount for this period only, mark 5 days minimal, and put 360 days before. As a result, this discount will always be available, and you will get much more chances to make your hotel fully packed.

Availability based discounts

This feature allows you to provide additional discounts for the dates when you have a lot of available rooms. It’s very easy to understand by example below:

As you can see, there is 2 discounts available:

1. In case if we have at least 5 rooms available of any type, then ET will add 10% discount to the room rate on that particular date, within the period from 10.01.2018 to 31.01.2020
2. In case if we have at least 4 rooms available of any type, then ET will add 5% discount to the room rate on that particular date, within the period from 10.01.2018 to 31.01.2020
2. In case if we have at least 3 rooms available of any type, there is no discounts available so for that date, this advance discounts will not be applied.

Advance Discounts increasing your occupancy in a few simple steps. System will decrease the rates for the most unpopular dates and keep the rate higher, for the most demanding

IMPORTANT: Effective Tours apply discounts one-by-one.

It means if you have a Last Minute discount, 10% for 3 days prior to arrival. Then ET will apply this 10% to your current rate. After it, if there is any Advance Discounts for the minimum rooms available, ET will add that discount again, to the discounted rate from the previous step.

Let me illustrate it by example:
Standard rate is 100$
1 day prior to arrival discount: 10%
We have 5 rooms available by tomorrow
Advance Room Discount for 5 rooms is: 15%

1) Applying the Last Minute discount: 100$-10%=90$
2) Applying the Advance discount: 90$-15%=76.5$
Final rate for tomorrow will be: 76.5$