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iCal behaviour

While importing the events from iCal the following rules will be applied.

  • skipping events with summary equals “airbnb (not available)” OR “not available“. Case insensitive
  • skipping all events in the past (by the finishing event date)
  • skipping all one day events with today starting date (Last minute reservations)
  • ET searches withing already existing reservations events with the same Starting and Ending date and reservation UID. If found then treating this event as an update event and updating the reservation in Effective Tours.
  • if ET did not found reservation as mentioned above, ET treats this reservation as NEW
  • any of the reservation which was previously created from the same source(agent) but wasn’t find on the previous steps treated as canceled and will be removed *

* To minimize fail events , ET checks the ical 3 times. If previously created reservation, wasn’t found after 3 continuous requests it’s treated as canceled and will be removed from the agenda.

While updating the existing reservation from iCal, ET updates only the starting and ending dates and did not update the comments.

NOTE: In case of Extended iCal usage, all information from the Extended iCal feed will be always replaced the destination reservatiom