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The principles of ET

ET consists of several independent core parts which can be used separately or in cooperation with each other.

As a hotel owner, you can register your free account, create your hotel/guesthouse/villa and fill in all the information about the property in matter of minutes.

When all the information is filled in, you can introduce your agents to the availability calendar by asking them to connect and register directly via unique link. By establishing a direct contact, the agent will be 100% updated with all information about your hotel and availability -instantly after you publish it.

ET allows hotelier to provide personal markups for each particular agent by dividing them in groups. You can forget the inefficient XLS/DOC files, every agent will have their rates set and marked up by you in easy, accessible format. Sending photos, discounts and special offers also is handled by the same principle – all of it will be displayed in one place. No more headache, just manage your hotel inside the ET.

If you running a tour agency, and working directly with hundreds of hotels, you can introduce them to ET, since they start doing it, you will get all the updates from the proprietors fast and accurate.

Main purpose of ET is to create a huge snow ball like effect, which will involve thousands of hoteliers, tour agencies, private owners, taxies, etc in one big network. Where everybody can share information with a few simple clicks. We want you to forget about old style operation with DOC/XLS files and switch to a modern and progressive way of cloud-based operations.

Integrated channel manager allows you to sync rates & inventory with popular OTA