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Activating Mini-site

Mini-site is a build in feature included even in a 5$/month tariff.

To activate a mini-site you have to apply for an integrated Hotel Payment Gateway , pass the due diligence and start accepting direct bookings.

By activating the payment gateway you can get the following features for your hotel:

  • Get direct bookings from your web-site, Facebook page, Instagram or even by sending an email to the guests with a direct link.  Direct bookings allows you to sell rooms cheaper, as there is no travel agency commissions. By offering cheaper rates, you attract more customers as your rates became more competitive on the market.
  • Get a free site which you can update from Effective Tours. Click here for more details.
  • Collect advance payments from the Booking.com guests.
  • Collect payments from the guests, while they are staying in the hotel for their stay, spa, restaurant, tours and transfers.

Please find out a list of the documents required, for more details contact our team.

  • Original of signed copy of Terms & Conditions
  • Original of signed copy of Property Manager Supplier Agreement
  • Business registration for private proprietors or Company certificate from Registar of The companies 
  • Copy of the company owners passport. Same person as mentioned in Business registration
  • License for running a business in your area. Depending of the country documents are vary. Please contact us for more details.

    The copies of the documents can be scanned in good quality (no phone photos) and send by email. Signed originals  of Terms & Conditions and Service Agreement please send by courier or registered post.

Due diligence will not take longer than one week.