Free Web Site

In the modern world of social networks and instant messengers, having a luxurious website is basically a matter of prestige. But you definitely need a web-site because you have to tell the world about your property.

ET Channel manager & PMS has a built-in web site generator, which generates a simple web-site of your property based on the provided description and the uploaded photos. We provide it free of charge. It is instantly updated as soon as you update the information inside the system. The direct bookings module is attached to the web-site which allows your visitors to check the rooms’ availability and rates, and make a reservation. ​

In case if you already have a web-site, you can also connect it with us. You can simply link Book Now button with your web-site to free mini-site module, or you can use our ET Channel manager & PMS API ​to use the actual information from ET Channel manager & PMS to update your own web-site. So as soon as the guests are ready to pay, redirect them to the card payment form.

Take a look at the live example of the methods mentioned above.
Nature Villa Mini-site
Unawatuna Apartments free web-site.

Feel free to ask your questions, We are always happy to help you with integration.