Payment Solution

Hoteliers are always best friends of their guests, but unfortunately, there is always a risk that guests will not come without any notice and as an owner you suffer a loss instead of making profit. To avoid that, we always advise to charge guests prior to their arrival. If the guest really wants to stay with you, he will pay the deposit with no hassle. Paying half of the amount before arrival is a good idea because it splits the risk between the guests and the hotelier.

ET Channel manager & PMS offers a secure payment gateway to its client, which allows the proprietor to collect the advance payments from guests regardless the way they book.

There are two different cases regarding payments.

  1. Direct online bookings - normally the bookings which you receive directly from your own web-site, social network or messengers. Anyway, all of them will drive the client to the hotel web-site, where they can secure the reservation with an advance payment.
  2. Online Travel Agencies booking (ОТА) – that is in most cases 90% of the total number of the guests you get in your property. Agoda and AirBnb collect advance payments from guests and act as a middle-man, who guarantees that the proprietor will get the money according to the reservations & cancellations policy. Booking, unlike the others, just collects card details from guests and sends them to the proprietor. That is the aim and the headache of the proprietor to handle the payments. In most cases it is not so easy for the proprietor to find a simple and secure way to do that. Typically, he should sign a contract with a bank or a third party provider to process the payments by sending them card details. It is complicated, it is insecure and it is risky.

ET Channel manager & PMS provides secure and simple all-in-one solution to all its customers.

  1. Direct bookings from your own web site, messenger or social network. It does not matter where the client comes from - he will be redirected to the 3D secure online payment form where he can settle the payment in a fast and convenient way. Due to the deep integration with the main core of ET Channel manager & PMS, new bookings will be automatically submitted to the channel manager, which triggers the channel manager to push the updated rooms’ availability to all the connected channels. Thus, everything happens without any interaction of the proprietor.
  2. OТА bookings, is designed by the example of Booking, because all new bookings are automatically placed in the channel manager agenda. ET Channel manager & PMS always is aware of reservations value and reservations policy for each particular booking. Every midnight we analyze your reservations and prepare new payment requests for your guests together with notifications for the proprietor. Once a day, you have to review them, make amendments if needed and confirm payment requests. ET Channel manager & PMS will automatically generate a secure link and email it to the guests together with instructions. For the guests it will look quite similar to the online check-in for air-flights. They just have to provide their booking ID, review the reservation details and proceed to the online payment.
    It is very important to understand that instead of charging a guest card manually, in the old fashioned and very unsecure way, which may cause a refund request, we provide a modern and secure 3D payment solution.

Please contact our support for demo or in case if you have any questions.