About ET Channel manager & PMS

Aleksejs Novikovs
Aleksejs Novikovs
Chief Executive Officer
Pavels Musolins
Pavels Musolins
Chief Production Officer

ET Channel manager & PMS is a product of HARIZMA Studio. The software is based on many years’ experience in operation of an online tourism portal. We started developing the first version in 2009 for the needs of our own travel agency. Since that time we have added a lot of unique and effective features allowing managerial workforce to focus more on customer service rather than monotonous tasks of issuing vouchers/bills, sending requests, generating special price-lists in Excel, etc.

We made our system do all the repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate on delivering higher standards of services. In the end of 2018 we decided to open up the system and make it available for everyone involved in travel industry all around the world. We have redesigned the ET Channel manager & PMS from scratch applying all our knowledge and experience from the predeveloped software.

Our Vision: Proper and affordable software can help the industry to focus more on interaction with clients and concentrate on delivering better services rather than routine and time-consuming tasks.

Our Mission: To produce powerful and native software with low rates that would allow us to build a sustainable and strong tourism community.