Work with travel agencies.

There are millions of tourist offices around the globe and all of them are your potential distribution channel. Some of them start moving towards the cloud solutions while others are still working in an old fashioned way using Excel / Phone / Email / Messengers. ET Channel manager & PMS created a multi-dimensional distribution module which allows the proprietor to cover all of them at once. As a proprietor, you can ask your offline agents to register with us as a travel agency and then connect them as your agent. There is no limit of how many agents can be connected. Due to the flexible markup policy implemented inside ET Channel manager & PMS you can provide each of your agents with a personal rate. Simply provide the required markup on top of your net rates, and we will automatically calculate the correct rate.

Moreover, depending of the trust level to your agents, you can give them different access rights to your property. Some of them can only check the availability whereas others can hold rooms from their side, and the most trustful ones can even book from their own account in ET Channel manager & PMS as ОТА does.

Tour Agency Global Distribution Module.

In case if you run a tourist agency, you might be interested to take a look at ET Channel manager & PMS Global Distribution module. It allows you to connect all your business partners - hotels, villas, guest houses, etc. to ET Channel manager & PMS and ask them to update their rates and availability straight inside the system. This gives you an opportunity to provide your clients with a faster response and, as result, will increase your sales.

In case if your partners are already using any third party channel manager to manage their availability and rates, we will be delighted to provide you with a custom made solutions based on ET Channel manager & PMS Cloud to connect you to them. Just imagine having everything in your fingertips, just one click away, 24/7 instead of writing emails and calling to the front managers of each property.

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