Channel manager and Property management system

Сhannel manager allows you to manage your property listing in various online travel agencies (OTA) from one dashboard. Whenever you want to update the rates or availability (inventory), you log in to ET Channel manager & PMS and update the relevant rates in one place. ET Channel manager & PMS will do the rest for you. It will push the rates and inventory to the connected OTA and inform you of the results.

Hotel channel manager ET Channel manager & PMS supports the following OTA:

Rates & Inventory Inventory Only
  • Booking
  • Agoda
  • Expedia
  • Airbnb
  • TripAdvisor
  • FlipKey
  • Homeaway
  • Vrbo
  • Homeholidays
  • VacationRentals
  • 9Flats
  • HolidayLettings
  • Wimdu
  • Ownersdirect
  • Waytostay
  • Weekendhotel

… any site which supports .ical calendar import export (mostly known as the Apple calendar format)

Please contact us for: HostelWorld, HostelsClub, Gomio, HostelCulture, Instant World Booking,, Hostelling International.

We do not limit the number of channels you can use and, unlike others, we do not charge you for additional channels of distribution. As it is stated in our pricing model, we charge a fixed amount of 1$ per room without any minimal fees or hidden costs.

Besides the rates and availability, ET Channel manager & PMS allows you to set minimal and maximum number of days of stay for each particular date. So let's say you do not want to accept short bookings for New Year’s Eve, then simply set a minimal value to 6 nights for the 31st of December. No matter when the check-in or check-out date is - if at least one night is the night of the 31st of December , then the client can't book for less than 6 nights. Similarly, you can limit your future guests to stay in your property longer than any maximum number of nights. You can also close your property for any desired dates with a few clicks in ET Channel manager & PMS channel manager.

Automatic discounts is one of the most powerful features of ET Channel manager & PMS - with the help of it, you can instruct us to apply discounts automatically depending on various conditions. You can provide a discount by setting the minimum number of days, prior to the stay dates, like 10% if it is 30 days ahead, 20% if it's 10 days ahead and 40% if it is just 1 day ahead. It is important to understand that discounts are applied separately to each date of the booking period. You can also provide a discount depending on how many days the clients will stay. The most interesting is a rooms availability depending discount. ET Channel manager & PMS automatically tracks the number of available rooms for each offer and calculates discounts according to the rules you set up.

Please also read about distribution channels to understand how the channel manager can help you to update not only online travel agencies, but your offline partners as well.