Free 6-month trial and only $1/room thereafter!

We, at Effective Tours, believe that a simple pricing model is fairer than complex figures and complicated conditions.

We offer 6-month free trial period to enable understanding of all the benefits of our Channel Manager. Moreover, if you decide to leave, you can easily export all your rates and availability data to Excel to avoid any loss or problems to your business.

After 6 month of free trial we will charge $1 per room per month for all of our functionality and provide discounts in case if you have a few properties or you have more than 20 rooms in your hotel.

Villa or Apartments 1 unit 1$ per month
Small Guesthouse 10 rooms 1$ per room, per month
Small hotel 20 rooms 0.8$ per room, per month
Hotel 35 rooms 0.7$ per room, per month
Big hotel 50+ rooms 0.6$ per room, per month

Let's say you have a Villa or Department and you sell your rooms on Expedia, Booking, Agoda, Flipkey, and Airbnb. Plus, you want to give individual access to 5 of your agents worldwide. This means you will have to pay only $1 per month!

If you running a hotel with 25 rooms, your monthly bill will be 16$ only.

  • We do not charge for each rate or meal plan.
  • We do not charge for each distribution channel.
  • We do not charge for individual access.

Feel free to ask any questions and spread the word!