Direct Bookings

Travel agencies are always a double-edged sword. They are important because they provide you with guests, but on the other hand, they might charge you for their service up to 20% from the booking value, and as a result, it leads to higher prices. That is why, direct bookings are always more preferable for both the proprietor and the guests.

ET Channel manager & PMS provides a free booking web site for each customer with a direct bookings module. Simply link it with your Book Now button on Facebook or Instagram and we will handle the rest. The client can check availability according to the actual information, get the best available rates including discounts and secure the booking with his credit card just within a few minutes. Each new reservation will be automatically placed to the channel manager which triggers notifications to the proprietor and rates updates for OTA.

Please contact our support team in case if you have any questions or to request a demo.