Channel Manager
What is the purpose of Channel Manager tab in Agenda?

Channel manager tab display and controls the availability of the particular rate in OTA connected via the channel managers except the Expedia (for Expedia there is a separate tab).
If you want close the sales for the particular rate in OTA for the particular dates - you close them in Channel manager tab. Closing the rate in Channel manager tab will close all the rooms with this rate in the channel.
When the new reservation arrives it will be shown on the main(first) screen of Agenda and will not update anything on Channel Manager tab.

Do you synchronise the channels in real time ?
YES! Channels synchronise happens in real time. Each time when you get a new reservation it will be placed to agenda and same time ET will update thу inventory in all connected channels. Same scenario works on cancelations,when you place a direct booking to the agenda or manage the reservation via the Effective Tours API.
Do you have PMS API ?
YES! We have an API based on OpenTravel Alliance recommendation which allows you to connect PMS to the Effective Tours.
How robust is Effective Tours?
We are on the market since 2013 without any issues or complains from the clients.
Do you have plans to add new OTA to the list of supported channels?
Yes. Effective Tours is a hoteliers oriented channel manager. We are always asking our users to submit their requests for the new features and OTA. Each month, when we updating our road map, we adding the most demanding OTA and features to it. The only thing we ask from you, is to send your requests to us.
Can I connect my own web site to Effective Tours?

Yes! There is two ways how you can do it.

  1. Simply link your BOOK NOW button to the free mini-site​ which generates automatically from the data entered to Effective Tours. You have to activate Payment Gateway to start using it. Please contact our support team for more information.
  2. Request Effective Tours API access and build your own integration with two-way XML synchronization.
I have problems with Effective Tours. Can you help me?

In case if the problem on our side we are always react as soon as possible and resolve the cases. In case if you need help in setting up the system, we will charge you a reasonable one time fee. Please check the service area for mode details.

Do you provide a free set-up?

YES! We provide a free 30 minutes video-conference where our team members doing the initial setup of your property and explaion the mai features of the system. We can also help you to set-up the OTA for the addditional fees. Please check the service area for mode details or contact our support team.

Do you have a mobile application ?

Creating and managing the mobile application for Android and IOS is a costly task which will definitely affects the monthly fee. To avoid that, we created a deep integration with the cross-platform Telegram messenger which is free and blazingly fast. All bookings and cancelations as well as updates will be instantly pushed to your telegram account. You will be notofied about check-ins, check-outs, annd payments. In case of any issues with OTA channels you will be notified instantly. Currently we are developing the messaging system to allow you communicatee with your guests from the Telegram as well.

How can I help you guys?
There is only one thing you can do for us - spread the word and drive more hoteliers on board.
Is it true, just $5 per month for 5 rooms with all channels?
Yes! That's true. Our policy is not to overcharge the hoteliers. Does not matter how many distributed channels you are using, you will never pay more than $1 per room. More of that, we provide additional discounts depending of how many units you have. Please check the Pricing for more information.
Can I cancel the trial any time without any consequences?
Yes, you can! We are not asking your credit card upon the registration and there is no obligations from your side to us.
I have 5 different apartments around the city, is it still $5?
Yes. We are charging per units on your account. 5 apartments means 5 units means $5 per month.
What you mean by units?
One bed, one room, one apartments, one house or one villa is equals to one unit.
In case if you are running a Hostel with 5 rooms, with 4 beds each room and you also rent this rooms as a separate unit for 4 person, then it comes to 4x5=20 beds + 4 rooms. It's 24 units in total.
Do you provide discount depending of the amount of units?
Yes! Please check our pricing
Why your prices is so low comparing to other channel managers?
There are two serious circumstances which affect their pricing. The first and the biggest part of the running costs is market promotion. According to the reports top rated channel managers paying up to $800 to attract the new customer. The second factor is representative offices around the world which also costs a lot. And there is not a secret, that all of this costs covered by the users.So, we decided to eliminate both factors and reduce the pricing several times.